About Platinum Buyers

Are you thinking… sell your platinum or gold? Selling your platinum or gold at www.platinum-buyer.com will be a safe, simple and fair transaction.We are a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. Here’s how our platinum buyers transaction will work:

You request a platinum buyers quote: You can do this now if you would like to with our online “platinum buyers quote form”… CLICK HERE to sell now.

We contact you with our opinion: Based on the item, platinum purity, weight, and quality we will determine if you are asking reasonable market value.

You decide: If we agree on a price we make insured arrangements to see your platinum item(s). If not, we will be happy to suggest other avenues for you to liquidate your platinum items.

We evaluate your gold and/or platinum: As lead buyers of platinum items our evaluation department has a complete lab to quickly examine your platinum, gold, gemstones or diamonds in house. If the description was accurate our commitment to purchase will stand.

You receive full payment: There is no consignment, no waiting weeks or months for a settlement check. Per our company policy full payment will be sent within one business day after our agreement is complete and at our expense. In many cases we can offer same day payment.

When you are looking for platinum buyers there are major differences.  Do yourself a favor and check each business references as this is a direct indication of the experince you will have. We have been platinum buyers for over 30 years and are well versed in handling this awesome rare metal.  WIth a melting temperature of 3215 platinum and a specific gravity of 21.45 it is indeed special.  We look forward to hearing about what you have to sell.  Thank you.